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Strong Enough for Bagels, Gentle Enough for Artisan Bread Dough.
Saturday, July 04, 2015

Professional Dough Mixers for Your Bakery

Commercial Grade Mixers for your Bakery, Bagel Shop, Supermarket or Food service Location.

Great baking starts with a great mixer. Our Stationary Bowl Mixers, Removable Bowl Mixers and Tilt-Over Spiral Mixers have set the standard for the industry in quality, reliability and value.

We have engineered every model to make it the strongest, most reliable machine you can own. Let us evaluate your production needs and use our experience to recommend the right size and style to maximize efficiency, reduce operating cost and maximize profits... without sacrificing quality!

  • Great Mixing Quality
    Coordinated 2-speed spiral and bowl rotation gives maximum control of ingredient blending and dough development resulting in a better end product!

  • Low cost of Maintenance
    Solid construction and intuitive design provide a durable, reliable spiral mixer that will serve you with years of trouble free mixing. If you ever do need maintenance our nationwide network of service technicians is ready and waiting.

  • Maximum Versatility
    Precision mixing controls provide high output, fast mixing times and maximum consistency of a wide range of bread and bagel dough. That is why we are proud to say, "Strong enough for bagels, gentle enough for French dough!"


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Great Baking Starts with a Great Mixer

Next to the oven, the mixer is perhaps the most important piece of equipment in your bakery today. All of your wonderfully delicious products start their journey right there in the mixing bowl. Selecting the right mixer for your business is key to the production of consistent, high quality products. Find out how different commercial mixers compare - and which type of mixer is right for you!


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